Art Therapy

  • Tracy’s Kids uses Art Therapy to help young cancer patients and their families cope with the emotional stress imposed by the disease and its treatment.
  • Our work ranges from individual art therapy sessions with inpatients who may be confined to their rooms, to open studio sessions with outpatients who choose what projects to work on and share their experiences while they receive chemotherapy or other treatment.
  • Tracy’s Kids programs are provided free of charge to those we serve.
  • Our gifted, compassionate, Masters-trained Art Therapists help kids and families develop strategies for coping with scary procedures, express the fears that might lead to nightmares and social isolation, and communicate with medical personnel.

Our History

History of Tracy's Kids

Tracy’s Kids founder Matt Gerson was diagnosed with cancer as a ten year old. He knows from personal experience the psychological toll that cancer imposes on a child battling the disease – as well as on his/her siblings and parents. Tracy Councill initially developed the Art Therapy program at Georgetown University Hospital’s Lombardi Cancer Center in Washington, D.C. in 1991.  In 1998, Matt observed her work and the rest, as they say, is history. The one-of-a-kind organization has awarded over $6 million in grants to serve eight clinics with full time, Master’s trained, professional Art Therapists. Tracy is widely recognized as a leader in the field of medical art therapy.

Today, well over 80% of children diagnosed with cancer will beat the disease and live the overwhelming majority of their lives cancer free. Tracy’s Kids is dedicated to helping to ensure that the children we serve are ready to live happy and fulfilling lives.

Our Team

Board Members

  • Suzy Friedman Cohen, Chair
  • Manish Agrawal, MD
  • Tracy Dee Councill
  • Mary Louise Cohen
  • Wendy Donoho
  • Matthew T. Gerson
  • Marcelle Leahy
  • Melissa Maxfield, Secretary
  • Marcy Romm, Treasurer
  • Curtis LeGeyt
  • Greg Lubin
  • Preston Padden, Founding Board Member Emeritus

Art Therapists

These Art Therapists work at our hospital partner sites, thanks to grants from Tracy's Kids

Management Team

  • Matt Gerson, Founder and President
  • Tracy Councill Program Director
  • Traci Hatch, Business Director
  • Marcy Romm, Manager of Corporate Affairs
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