Who We Are

Mission Statement
Tracy’s Kids helps young cancer patients and their families cope with the emotional stress and trauma of cancer and its treatment. Our mission is to ensure that the children and families we serve are emotionally equipped to fight cancer as actively as possible—and prepared for the time when they are cancer free. Tracy’s Kids uses art therapy to engage with young patients, their siblings and parents so that they can express feelings and reflect on their treatment experiences. The program—which began at the Lombardi Cancer Center in 1991 and is based on the model developed there—employs Master’s trained, Board Certified art therapists to address the multi-faceted needs of children with cancer through art and play therapy. The Art Therapists work directly with physicians, nurses and other medical personnel and are integrated as members of each child’s treatment team. Today, well over 70% of children diagnosed with cancer will beat the disease and live the overwhelming majority of their lives cancer free. Tracy’s Kids is dedicated to helping to ensure that the children we serve are ready to live full, happy and healthy lives.The program—which is offered at no charge to the patient and his or her siblings—works in hospitals, freestanding clinics and other appropriate settings. Our goal is to provide a child-centered, open studio approach for inpatients and outpatients and to interact with the children while they are receiving infusions and other treatments. We welcome the chance to work with siblings and parents because we know that the entire family is affected when a child has cancer.

Matt Gerson, Founder and Chairman
Tracy Councill, Program Director
Bridget Gray, Head of Business Affairs
Marcy Romm, Manager of Corporate Affairs

Board Members
Matthew T. Gerson, Chairman
Tracy Dee Councill
Suzy Friedman Cohen, Secretary
Mary Louise Cohen
Marcelle Leahy
Melissa Maxfield
Karen Pence
Marcy Romm, Treasurer
Preston Padden, Founding Board Member Emeritus