Miniature Worlds

Yesterday I stopped in at the US Botanical Gardens on the National Mall  in Washington, DC. They have an amazing holiday display, including a Fairy-themed Holiday Train and “The Mall in Miniature,” a recreation of many of the buildings on the National Mall made of natural materials.  Pine cones, willow branches, acorns and other natural materials combine to make amazing, rustic recreations with incredible details. I have included a number of pictures of these amazing sights.

Fork in the track

Log Tunnel

The Capitol

These displays were made by professionals, and they are simply amazing. But many participants in Tracy’s Kids love to make miniature environments. One year we made a miniature hospital for the Washington Post Peeps Contest. Last year’s Tracy’s Kids exhibit at Carroll Square Gallery featured a whole complex of playgrounds made by kids in our program.

“Peeper Fever”

Carroll Square 2011

As the creator of a miniature world, a young patient can escape from the world of hospitals and limitations and enter an imaginary world where things are exactly as they want them to be. Pretending doesn’t make it so, of course, but activating the imagination awakens hope and helps kids cope with the challenges ahead.