With a little help from your Peeps!

We didn’t win the Washington Post Magazine’s Peeps contest, but the Kids’ Post Pullout in the March 31 Sunday Style Section is about kids entering the Peeps Contest. They included a great picture  and a caption about our entry, along with some other awesome  kids’ Peeps creations.


Thanks, Washington Post!

Our Peeps Contest Entry

Our Peeps Contest Entry

Our Peeps Entry Revealed!

All last week at Lombardi, a crew ranging from two-year olds to grade-schoolers and a few adults, worked to transform marshmallow bunnies and chicks into a whimsical work of art for the 2013 Washington Post Magazine Peeps Contest. Since we are all about  kids and art, we chose to represent the incident at the National Gallery of Art on February 15 when a 10 by 37 foot piece of art started to come off the wall and some high school students caught it and kept it from falling. It sounded dramatic in the news accounts, but details were few, so we added creative embellishments.peeps_edited2 closeup3

Just to make it fun, we make the whole piece of art out of peeps. We spent several days custom-painting them to match the drawing. We even had to do “surgery” on them to make them fit inside the lines so we could keep the drawing to scale, but we were at the hospital, after all!

Maybe the most fun was putting in the visitors to the gallery. Three museum guards wear headsets and blue star “uniforms.” Some of the visitors have museum headsets (made of macaroni)  like the gallery provides with narratives about the art, and one little guy is holding a camera. One of the high schoolers who is catching the painting somehow ended up with Rastafarian curly-noodle hair! The gallery floor in real life is super-shiny polished granite, which we simulated with mosaic mirror tiles covered in translucent paint.

The Peeps Contest deadline is midnight, February 25, and this post is scheduled to go up at 1:00 a.m. on the 26th, so we don’t reveal our entry ahead of time. We don’t know if it will win–they get thousands of entries–but we had fun making it and talking about famous art with the kids at the clinic.