A great resource for moms of our littlest kids

The mom of one of our patients sent me this link. It’s about a great idea that a little cancer patient’s mom came up with–a little tube-top with a pocket to protect her daughter’s medication cathether tubes. Many of our kids have “tubeys” so they can get intravenous medication without a needle stick, but they have to be careful not to pull the tubes or get them dirty. We do a lot of play with the little ones, putting pretend “tubeys” in dolls or teddy bears and letting the kids practice administering “medication,” cleaning, and generally getting more comfortable with the tubes. You can read the article below from Seattle Children’s hospital about one solution to help our littlest kids cope with their “tubeys.”


I have also included a page depicting a medication catheter from our comic book for kids with cancer, “Kids vs. Cancer,” by Tracy Councill and Linda Kim and published in 2011 by Georgetown University Hospital’s Child Life Department with a grant from the Bear Necessities Foundation.

Tubey page from "Kids vs. Cancer" by Tracy Councill and Linda Kim

Tubey page from “Kids vs. Cancer” by Tracy Councill and Linda Kim