Egg Bombs!

Everyone knows what it is like to feel frustrated and sometimes it is really hard to figure out a healthy way to express it! For our patients, feelings of frustration can arise when they have to miss school to come to the hospital, fast before a procedure, take medication that tastes yucky or have a shot that is painful.  Art therapist can help kids vent some of their frustrations by encouraging them to create and throw “egg bombs”.


The idea behind the egg bomb is that the individual allows the egg to represent the thing that he or she is frustrated about.  The egg is then filled with an assortment of things- glitter, sand, flour, paint, feathers, googly eyes, beads. The more variety the better, as it allows the creator to choose items that symbolize the frustration.  It can be helpful to provide strips of paper so that the frustration can be written down, rolled up and placed inside the egg. The outside of the egg can also be decorated to reflect the frustration.


Once the egg bombs have been created the next step is to throw them! When we do this at the hospital we lay out a large piece of butcher paper on the floor- outside if the weather is nice- so that the egg bombs can explode onto the paper. It is helpful to encourage the egg- bomber to reflect on the frustration represented by each egg before it is thrown. As the contents of the eggs splatter onto the paper a piece of artwork is created. Depending on the needs of the individual this resulting artwork can be destroyed or altered to make something else. 

Egg bombs are a great way to release energy, emotion and get physical with art materials. This process is especially important in our medical setting as it allows the child to feel empowered and in control. Getting a little messy and free with art can also provide a nice contrast to the sterile and more rigid environment of the hospital setting.

How- to prepare the eggs:

  • Use a small, serrated knife to create an opening in the top and bottom of each egg (a chopstick can also be helpful to poke small holes in the shell).
  • Drain out the inside of the eggs.
  • Once drained, run cold water through the eggs to get both the inside and outside clean.
  • Arrange the eggs in a muffin tin and preheat the oven to 300 degrees F.
  • Once the oven has reached temperature, turn it off and place the eggs inside the oven- leaving them in there until the oven has cooled down. This will give allow the eggs to fully dry.
  • *When preparing eggs that will be used in a medical setting we always make sure that the eggs are really clean by wiping them down with hospital disinfectant wipes before use. 
  • Once the eggs are clean, tape up one of the holes so that the filling placed inside the egg will not fall out.

Happy egg bombing!