Moss for band-aids!

In addition to bring an artist, I love to garden. I recently visited a moss nursery and learned a whole lot about how many kinds of mosses (Bryophytes) there are–lots!– and how very ancient and adaptive they are. I am creating a moss garden in my front yard, taking advantage of all the sizes, shapes, textures and colors of these amazing primitive plants to make a living collage of textures and shades of green.

Sphagnum closeup

Sphagnum Moss

Whole view

Moss garden

Nice light

Moss garden closeup

  Kids on chemotherapy don’t have very strong immune systems, so they can’t use natural materials like sticks and leaves or dig in the dirt, but I learned there is one kind of moss that is naturally bacteria free, and was used to make bandages in World War I! It’s called Sphagnum Moss, and it actually covers 1% of the surface of the earth. As I work in my moss garden, I find it kind of amazing to think about a plant that is so clean all by itself it was once used for a band-aid!