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This past week the kids were busy making colorful Valentine’s for family members, classmates and their favorite nurses and doctors. They even shared a little love with the  Tracy’s Kids art therapists!


We were the lucky recipients of a box of chocolates decorated by the siblings of one of our patients!


Patients and their families used collage materials to create beautiful Valentine’s for their loved ones

Valentine cards made by the Georgetown students for out patients

Valentine cards made by the Georgetown students for out patients

The Georgetown Hematology/Oncology staff  created a Valentine garland with “get- well- soon” notes to one of our patients who had to spend Valentine’s weekend in the hospital.

Garland of Valentines

Garland of Valentines


Felting- A Universal Language

As the snow fell outside the hospital today our patients were busy creating colorful, snuggly felted scarves.



One little boy from Afghanistan particularly enjoyed the felting process. As he lay the bright red wool onto the table he smiled and called to his mom to come look at what he was creating. As his mom watched, he pulled little tufts of the soft material apart and carefully laid them on top of one another. His mom enjoyed watching the process, she shared that back home, in Afghanistan, they use the same felting process to make beautiful carpets.



afghan rug


This is the wonderful nature of art- the creation process and the materials are often a bridge between so many different cultures. Art, in this case, brought a little reminder of home to the clinic for this family.

Felted Scarves

One afternoon the clinic emptied out a little early, so we invited the doctors, nurses, social workers and chaplain to an impromptu felting workshop. We had been experimenting with felting techniques, and found the process to be fun and relaxing and the results dependably good, even for first-time felters. For the oncology clinic staff, the chance to engage in a little creative play can be a great stress-buster.

 We took over the art tables and showed everyone how to lay out small strands of roving in several layers and felt them using hot, soapy water and friction to create beautiful scarves. It was pretty amazing to see the variety of designs, and how individual everyone’s piece was. We took a “class photo” of our finished scarves–we think they’re inspirational!

You can learn a lot about felting on the internet. We have found that websites that sell felting supplies (Outback Fibers and Dharma Trading often have excellent tutorials on their sites. Happy Felting!