Happily Hungry: Smart Recipes for Kids with Cancer

Author Danielle Navidi has turned her experience as the mom of a kid with cancer into an amazing resource for anyone who wants to cook and eat healthily!

 I first met Danielle when her 11 year old son was diagnosed with cancer. He and his siblings were active participants in the Tracy’s Kids art therapy program at Lombardi throughout his treatment and recovery—creative, open, bright and funny despite the intrusion of cancer into their family’s life!

 She was already a caterer, but something Fabien said shortly after he finished treatment inspired her to pursue an MS in nutrition. One night at dinner Fabien said, “This is my new favorite soup, Mom. It tastes like someone is taking care of me.”

 Happily Hungry

While the recipes were in development, Danielle did cooking demonstrations in the clinic at Lombardi—filling the whole clinic with the colors, smells and sounds of delicious food being prepared. Kids would take a break from their art-making to help Danielle chop vegetables or prepare smoothies. The kids and their parents gave Danielle feedback on her recipes—“not sweet enough;” “it tastes healthy”; “I like it, but I didn’t think I would!” and she chuckled and encouraged them to keep an open mind.

 Happily Hungry is already available on Amazon.com (click here to go to the link at Amazon). Here’s an excerpt from one of the online reviews:

 This cookbook is the most awesome cookbook I’ve seen in years. Of course, it was written with an eye for kids with cancer, but anyone who has a picky eater in their household can benefit from these great recepies and tips. I have made the chicken soup, the muffins and the smoothies. The kids and I have a plan to make all the recipes before the end of the year. The recipes are absolutely fabulous and the book itself is beautiful, moving, fun and enticing to both adults and kids.

 As an art therapist in pediatric oncology, I see kids and families dig deep and come up with the courage and resilience to fight through some really tough stuff. It is an incredible privilege to share Danielle’s story and the amazing accomplishment that is Happily Hungry.