Champions Video!

One of our kids just sent me  the link to a wonderful music video that was made by Camp Simcha this summer. He’s one of a whole bunch of boys in the vidoe.  Check it out!

And while you’re at it, take another look at Tracy’s Kids Keep Your Head up!

Now you’re inspired for the rest of the day.

Being together

I have learned a lot in my 20+ years working with pediatric cancer patients and their families. After I had been on the job about six months, I had a revelation of sorts. It occurred to me that most people are simply unaware that kids can get cancer. I was a young parent myself, worried about developmental milestones and saving for college–but not about cancer!

Robin’s nest

But knowing what I knew changed my perspective on my kids. I was still anxious about the future, but I also truly cherished the present. I made sure that we did lots of fun stuff together, spent time with relatives and told stories about my own childhood. I wanted to really know my kids and help them know me–and I was grateful for the time we had together every day.

It didn’t make me a perfect parent–far from it–but we had some real good times.

Now, after Newtown, we are all painfully aware that bad things really do happen. In a time when the world seems more full of sadness and loss than ever, I am reminded of the lesson of this work–love those you hold dear, and make time for fun every day.