Jean McCaw

Jean McCaw, MA, ATR-BC
Art Therapist

Location: Life with Cancer Center, Inova Fairfax Hospital
Education: University of Rhode Island, Double Major: BA in Art and Psychology; Vermont College of Norwich University: Masters in Art Therapy
Joined Tracy’s Kids: March 2008
Favorite Artist: I could never choose just one, however off the top of my head these are at the top of my list: Mary Cassatt, Michelangelo, Claude Monet, Wassily Kandinsky
Favorite Places: Bristol & Narragansett Bay, Newport, Prudence Island: a few of the best spots in Rhode Island.
Three Words that Describe Me:  Creative, Compassionate & Inspired (by these children, teens and their families).
Reflection:  My work with the kids speaks volumes about the power of the creative process and the power of the session. Kids respond to the attention, the choices they have and the possibilities. They can feel empowered when they are also feeling the most vulnerable. Although I have no control over the difficult and challenging experiences they have in treatment, I can help prepare these children and teens for those moments, and be there when they are over; to offer support and ways in which to make a transition to feeling calmer and more in control, and they are listened to, validated and in charge, at least of the creative process.