Siblings support

Iv pole

The other day a patient came in for chemotherapy with two siblings. All three children immediately set up space in the art area to create for the two hour chemo infusion. The older of the siblings had not been to the clinic as frequently as the younger sibling and was excited at all the materials available to him. After a few rough inventions that he scrapped, he went about collecting materials to recreate his siblings “i.v. pole”. With cardboard tubes, a few boxes, some large spools, string, wooden dowels, and a failed teepee(my art project), the pole was complete. All the families and staff were impressed with his attention to detail. As this was his siblings last planned chemotherapy it seemed fitting to bring a piece of the clinic home with them. While this sibling was unable to attend the clinic as often as the rest of his family, he was affected by the machinery just the same.

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