Outstanding Student Citizen Award!

Tracy’s Kids participant Kailee Vance popped into the clinic at Georgetown today with some great news. At her fifth-grade graduation ceremony, she received the Ashburn, VA Ruritan Club’s Outstanding Student Citizen Award.

One fifth grader from each elementary school is selected through a blind review process. Kailee submitted a resume listing her community service activities, chief among them her ongoing support of Tracy’s Kids.

Kailee’s Run was established in her honor in 2007 and Tracy’s Kids has been the primary beneficiary every year. Kailee has also collected art supplies and toys for the kids at the clinic for many years–even when she was still receiving treatment. The really amazing thing about Kailee’s application is that she did not even mention that she had been a cancer patient–she just talked about her efforts to improve the lives of kids with cancer–and the application was reviewed anonymously, so the judges didn’t know who Kailee was. Her mom said there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the award was announced at Newton-Lee Elementary School, where everyone knows her very well!

Congratulations, Kailee, and thanks to the Ashburn Ruritan Club for the check made out to Tracy’s Kids in honor of Kailee Vance!

Ashburn Ruritan Club Outstanding Student Citizen 2013

Kailee Vance-Ashburn Ruritan Club Outstanding Student Citizen 2013

what motivated Kailee to care so very much

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