A SpongeBob SquarePants Summer!

Initially, patients become involved and engaged in the art-making process for a number of different reasons. Some patients love and have always loved creating, while others need to observe the art therapists’ continual presence and empathic support before they are willing to participate. Some patients need to see active involvement by patients their age or by members of their family. Some patients are searching for a creative outlet through which they can express themselves, while other patients are searching for an activity to help them pass the time. Some patients wait until a particular medium, material or process interests them.

This summer, a popular television character, SpongeBob SquarePants, has captured the attention of many of our patients and their families. A movement that began with one patient experimenting on an over-sized coloring sheet, has transformed into many patients creating brightly colored images of SpongeBob and his friends to fill the open wall space in the art room. SpongeBob’s familiarity has encouraged patients to participate in art-making at the clinic for the first time, allowed patients to collaborate and work closely with family members, feel connected to other patients in the clinic and gain a sense of pride and accomplishment, among other things. Thanks, SpongeBob!



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