How to make a tutu

This past week has been Spirit Week for the nursing staff at Children’s National.  One of our nurses flagged me down in the hallway, excitedly shouting, “you have to come see what we’re doing!”  She then led me into a large conference room that was filled with nurses making tutus.  I’m a little ashamed to admit that in all of my time working as an art therapist at Children’s, I’ve never learned to make a tutu – until now! Making tutus was incredibly easy and I can’t wait to share my new skills with the children; I’m sure they’ll love dancing around clinic in sparkly tutus and the nurses have already promised us the leftover tulle.

 To make a tutu:





Start by measuring a piece of ribbon around your waist.  Be sure to leave enough space at the ends of the ribbon to be able to tie it comfortably.  Then, cut strips of tulle into rectangles about 3 inches wide and 16 inches long.  They don’t all have to be perfectly equal, a little size variation just makes the tutu poofy and fun.  Then, just start tying the tulle onto the ribbon using a simple knot like so:

 pics 134


Continue all the way around ribbon and voila!

pics 135


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