Time for Fiesta!

Here in San Antonio, there is a unique week-long celebration that only San Antonians REALLY understand.  It’s called Fiesta!  And the name is apt, because every day there are multiple, colorful parties all over the city.

At Methodist Children’s, we are celebrating in our own ways.  First, we decorated the clinic windows with colorful flowers to commemorate the Battle of Flowers parade, which began in the late 19th century with women pushing decorated baby buggies and throwing real colorful flowers at each other in front of the Alamo, and now boasts beautifully decorated floats and a huge crowd every year.   In fact, most school districts in the county take a holiday to commemorate this parade.

fiesta window

We also decorated confetti-filled eggs called cascarones.  The whole aim of making these eggs is to then crack them on the head of some unsuspecting victim.  Of course, our patients and their siblings LOVE to sneak up on their nurses, doctors, and even their art therapist and clobber them with confetti.  It’s a fun way for our kids to be kids and make a HUGE mess in the clinic.


No Fiesta celebration would be complete without paper flowers, so many of the Tracy’s Kids participants made multi-hued blooms out of tissue paper.  These are so simple to make, but really brighten up the hospital rooms.


The families had a great time paying homage to this local holiday.  Many kids can’t participate in the festivities because they involve large crowds, so it was nice to bring a little bit of the party to them!

To learn more about Fiests, visit the official website:


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