Reaffirming the Good

Continuing through May, there is a wonderful art show in the Lombardi Atrium. It is the work of artist Kristrinah Ayala. She is exhibiting eight wonderful, large watercolor portraits of doctors, nurses, and other people who play a part in her healing process.

Her story is amazing. She was sick as a child and spent a lot of time isolated in the hospital, using paint by numbers and the hidden pictures puzzles in Highlights magazine to keep herself busy. As an adult, she began painting and found that her way of composing paintings was like paint by numbers. Her work is fascinating–recognizable and beautiful and abstract all at once.

When she had to deal with a serious illness again as an adult, she turned to painting as a creative outlet and to express her appreciation to her caregivers. She writes: “My goal is that you, the viewer, see more than just a visual appearance. My hope is that you catch a glimpse of each person’s unique spirit.” Her website is  Ms. Ayala will be on hand at Lombardi on May 18 from 2-4:00 p.m. to talk about her work.

Her show is part of the Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Arts and Humanities Program.


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