Remember your Strength



The children who visit our clinics are constantly called on to show strength.  The strength to endure pain, nausea  loss of independence, and isolation.  They must exhibit this strength time and time again.  As anyone knows, it is hard to be strong everyday, and even harder to remember just how strong we are.  To help the children remember I taught them how to make memory dolls.  These memory dolls are to remind them how strong they truly are.


The supplies needed for the doll are two pipe cleaners, some cotton batting for softness, some strips of fabric for clothes, and some special beads for reminding them of their strength.  I first have the children pick out a bead that reminds them of a time when they were strong or one that reminds them of a very happy memory.  The beads are added either to the structure of the doll, where the child would feel strength. Or to the outside clothing of the doll, as a visual reminder.

Take the pipe cleaners and fold them in half so the ends are touching.  Take one pipe cleaner and cross the ends to make a loop that will be the size of the head.  Twist where the pipe cleaner crosses two times to make the head and pull the ends out straight to the sides to make the arms.







Take the second pipe cleaner and loop it over the head so it hangs like a scarf.  Take one side and loop over the arm where the shoulder would be to anchor it in place.  Repeat on the other side.  Cross the pipe cleaner strands over where the waist would be.  Twist twice to make the waist.

Take a strip of batting and wrap the body starting at one hand and moving towards the other hand.  Take another strip of batting and starting at the neck wrap down the length of the body continuing down one leg.  Either wrap up that same leg and down the other, or take another strip of batting and wrap the length of the body, starting at the neck, and down the other leg.

When body is fully covered in batting it is time to clothe the Memory Doll.  Use strips of fabric to either wrap on the doll, or create clothes and glue or tape onto the memory doll.






Remember to attach special bead either underneath of clothing or on top of clothing to remind child of the strength that they possess.


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