The Duck Tape Fix

When I was a kid duck tape only came in one color: grey.   Back then duck tape was only used for boring things like household repairs and maybe if you were really desperate, holding part of your car’s bumper in place.  These days duck tape comes in every color and pattern imaginable, from tie-dye to penguins to camouflage and purple zebra stripes.  Here in the art room we use duck tape for projects that are light years away from its boring repair origins.

 blog pics 005

I worked extensively with one young lady who had been in the hospital for an extended period of time and at times was hard to reach with our “traditional” art materials.  She was hungry for challenge and a new material choice. Bring on the duck tape! We made duck tape purses, hair bows, wallets and flowers.  She even sold some of her creations to staff on the unit!  So add one more thing to the list of things that duck tape can fix: hospital boredom.

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