Happy New Year from CNMC!

Every New Year’s Eve, the art therapy room atChildren’s National Medical Centercloses for one day so that the art therapists can THOROUGHLY clean the room. Not only is this a great and necessary way for the Tracy’s Kids art therapy program to start out fresh in the New Year, but it also gives the art therapists a chance to truly appreciate the sheer volume of art that can be made by our patients and families! As a part of the cleansing, we sift through all of the artwork made by the hundreds of children who visit the art room each year. Stacks of paintings and piles of masks and mountains of model magic… Going through everything provides us with MANY great reminders of the wonderful things that happen in the art therapy room. We get a chance to laugh and share wonderful memories of the work we have done with children and families throughout the past year, encouraging us to continue our commitment to the mission of Tracy’s Kids in the coming year! 

We start 2013 with a clean art therapy room – one with plenty of space for all of the new and amazing things that will surely happen here in the coming year.

It’s like starting off with a brand new, blank canvas!

And we are all excited to see what will happen next!

Happy New Year!


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