Happy Thanks-Sibling!!!

While it is not uncommon to see various artistic depictions of turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday, the Tracy’s Kids Art Therapy team at Children’s National Medical Center hosted to a very special GIANT turkey.

Patients and staff members of all ages decorated feathers, writing out WONDERFUL reasons why they are so thankful for their siblings. Things like… 

“Thank you for ALWAYS, ALWAYS making me laugh!”

“I love playing Candyland with you. It’s so fun!”

“When I need him, he’s good to me.”

“My little sister is a ROCKSTAR!”

The brothers and sisters of patients undergoing treatment for cancers and blood disorders experience their own unique challenges in dealing with the stresses and changes in daily life. “Happy Thanks-Sibling” was an opportunity to highlight the amazing strength of siblings and to recognize the important things they do to support their brothers and sisters undergoing treatment. This wonderful project was made possible by one family’s generous dedication to the support of siblings, after one of their children was the bone marrow donor for her younger sister.

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