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During 2011, Tracy’s Kids provided 11,271 hours of art therapy sessions—up 17% from 2010.  The program had 13,804 patient contacts, and 603 hours of consultation with medical treatment teams as part of its highly individualized engagement with thousands of young people and their families.

According to one Tracy’s Kids Mom, “Creativity really skipped a generation in our family, but Tracy’s Kids has been able to bring it out in my daughter. Whatever she wanted to do — sewing, mosaic, painting, drawing — you said “Ok, we can try that.” You have made her a risk-taker in art, which is great!”

A patient’s mom says, “The doctor just told us we could wait two weeks for our next appointment, but my son said “No, let’s come back next week too. I like to do art!”

Download our 2011 Annual Report.

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